Dental Care

Dental Care for Infants and Children

The first set of teeth also known as milk teeth, is already almost completely formed at birth. At first these teeth are hiding under the gums. These teeth are important, because after they come in, they let your baby chew food, talk well, and hold space so that permanent teeth can grow in place of them.


You can take care of your baby's teeth with the following:

  • Clean your baby’s teeth every day with a clean wet washcloth or a child’s tooth brush.
  • Check with your doctor if your baby needs extra fluoride.
  • Don't let your baby go to sleep with a bottle. This can leave milk on the teeth and cause cavities that are known as "baby-bottle tooth decay."
  • Encourage older children to eat low-sugar snacks such as fruits, cheese and vegetables.
  • Avoid giving your child sticky, chewy candies and chocolates.
  • Teach your children how to brush their teeth and tell them the importance of keeping their teeth clean.
  • Take care of your child’s diet, as proper nutrition is important for tooth eruption and growth.

Dental Care for Teenagers

Taking good care of your mouth and teeth will help you have pleasant breath, a nice smile and fewer cavities. Here are some simple things you can do:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day.
  • Don't smoke or chew tobacco, which can stain your teeth, give you bad breath and cause cancer.
  • Clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth as various bacteria that cause bad breath live here.
  • See your dentist every year for a regular check-ups and cleanings.

Dental Care for Older Adults

The advances in dental technology are providing the means for more people to keep a healthy set of teeth well into later life than ever before. Improved dental care for now means that pulling a tooth at the slightest sign of infection is thankfully a thing of the past. At present, dental care for the elderly focuses more on restoration than the prevention of oral disease and there are a few rules that should be followed to ensure good dental health.


Daily dental care  should consist of a regular brushing and flossing routine. This should occur twice daily, once in the morning and before bed. Partial or full dentures should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that no food is left on the dentures that can contribute to gum disease.  The aging process does not mean that teeth should be neglected and regular dental care means many senior citizens can have a full set of healthy teeth for the duration of their lives.

Poorly fitted dentures, the use of tobacco, an unhealthy diet and food left between teeth will all enhance the risk of plaque. Diseases such as diabetes and cancer will also be common sources of gum disease. If gum disease is left untreated then it can cause other medical complaints such as heart and respiratory problems.

Good dental care  will take all of these problems into consideration and restorative measures by a dentist can be taken to ensure that the problems are treated and minimised.

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