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Dr Heman is an orthodontist, implantologist, surgeon and a man with a sublime touch. He makes your dreaded visit to the dentist a pleasure just by  just being his assured confident self. With his extensive training and indepth experience he can sculpt a completely unique and a beautifully looking smile for you. Over the years he has been working with all kinds of patients and believes in giving personal and individual attention to each patient.

A Bachelor in Dentistry, a Masters in Orthodontics and Implantology he has specialized in branches of dentistry which are concerned with the correction of malaligned, malposed crooked irregular teeth and replacement of missing teeth with implants. Apart from this he has also taken advanced training in root canal treatment, crown bridgework, aesthetic dentistry and children dentistry. This makes him one of the few dentists to be trained in various areas of dentistry.



  • One of  those few dentists in the Country to be trained in various areas of dentistry.
  • An orthodontist, implantologist, surgeon of high repute, acclaim and recognition. Visting doctor to the MAYO School AJMER .
  • Pediatric {child} dentist with high clinical prowess.
  •  Dentist for special needs children
  • Comprehensive education in behaviour management,sedation and anaesthesia techniques
  • One of the few dentists to be trained in invisalign and lingual braces
  • Trained in CPR
  • Cosmetic dentist with specialised training in botox and dermal fillers from New York
  • Fellow of international congress of oral implants and Assosciate fellow American Academy of implantology.
  • Fellow of international congress of oral implants and Assosciate fellow American Academy of implantology.
  • Super specialist in ......implants from New York University
  • Specialist in gum surgeries ..periodontics from New York and British Columbia University Vancouver Canada.




    1. Schooling from Army Public School, Delhi
    2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery from SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital.
    3. Masters in Orthodontics from M.R. Ambedkar Dental College, Bangalore and did part time assistance to the renowned Doctors of the concerned field.
    4. Masters in Implantology from New York University 


    1. Associate fellow American Academy of Implantology.
    2. Fellowship of International Society of Implantology.
    3. Super Specialty in Implant Surgery from Chennai

He follows the latest research and integrates state of the art technology and modern instruments  into his practise.The clinic itself highlights Dr.Heman’s philosophy wherein the patient’s comfort is the utmost priority. “Everything right from the infrastructure, the soothing environment, latest state of the art machines, strict hygiene are all just necessary tools to make the patients comfortable and to give them the best.

He has already rehabilitated over 3000 patients by implanting the teeth and giving them a fresh lease of lifestyle. His patients are not only the local residents of Gurgaon but from the various embassies, visiting and resident foreigners. His name has been travelling far and wide on account of his very amicable and patient style of working.

Dr. Heman is also  very popular with children who are fascinated by his friendly and easy approach. His pediatric patients are a delight, and start from the age of 2 years onwards. He has successfully been treating kids with restorations, pulpotomies, extractions etc. He is since 2002, visiting Doctor of Mayo School at Ajmer and has treated more than 2000 school children and the similar number is undergoing the treatment.

Dr. Heman has also been involved in teaching dentistry especially about implants and their various utilizations. Dr. Heman Verma and his team of highly committed team of other doctors brings to you years of in-depth experience in the field of Dentistry.



Artificial replacements for natural tooth roots

Immediate implants   -
Immediate placement and immediate loading of dental implants after tooth extraction

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Braces for all age groups  kids teenagers & adults, metal ceramic or  lingual

Early orthodontics - braces for kids as early as 7 years .
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